"Balbalika Ka Lagi YUWA" - A Charitable Cause To Help Deprived Children. Image Source: Glocal Khabar

“Balbalika Ka Lagi YUWA” – A Charitable Cause To Help Deprived Children

13th January 2018 marks the day of the initiation of ‘Balbalika Ka Lagi YUWA’, a charitable event in Sports Hive, Jhamsikhel to raise funds for the aid of underprivileged children of Dolakha, Nepal.

With the help of Active Citizenship Department, YUWA is aiming to help 487 children of  Kudi Bari Madhyamik School, Makaibari, Dolakha by providing them with warm clothes. They intend to start the event in order to mobilize more youths to support rural schools of Nepal.

They have stated that the main motive of the event ‘Balbalika Ka Lagi YUWA‘ is to directly help those children. YUWA, however, also intends to set an example among other organizers, relevant stakeholders and most importantly, the Government to do more of such charities and help the deprived.

Hosts of artists including, Neetesh Jung Kunwar, Sandhya Joshi, the grooving DJ ATR, StepOn band from St. Xavier’s College, and Thames Dance Club are scheduled to perform at the event.

Many engaging activities like food stalls, photo booths, dance party, game stalls and others will be set up to make the event more appealing to both kids and adults alike. ‘Balbalika Ka Lagi YUWA‘ is also being supported by Thames International College Kathmandu, Nepal Mega College, Career Wings Pvt. Ltd, Outdoor Adventure Center Nepal, WAVE Magazine Nepal, Edwise Studies, Landmark Education and Riviera International Academy. However, they are more than willing to engage other interested schools, colleges or government organization for their co-operation.

YUWA, is a youth-run, youth-led, non-profit organization with a sole motive of enhancing youth participation in decision making programs through advocacy and empowerment. They aim to create more platforms for youths to enhance their capabilities. With this event, they want to appeal to all the youths to join their hand for this noble cause and to spread warmth and joys to the less fortunate by being involved in any ways possible.

Reference: Glocal Khabar