Art exhibition at Park Gallery. Image Source: The Himalayan Times

Artworks on Display at Park Gallery

An art exhibition is currently being held at the Park Gallery in Pulchowk, Lalitpur. The exhibition is organized by the Associate students of Kathmandu University School of Arts and features a total of 42 artworks by 24 artists from ten different countries, who are taking career support classes at the university.

Coordinator of the exhibit, Mr. Sanjeet Maharjan said, “The exhibition is a non-credit program organized by the graduates to commercialize their artworks and in turn to encourage them to continue with their creative endeavors. The students participating in this exhibit are not professionals. Rather, they are art enthusiasts at the dawn of their artistic career.”

Maharjan also said that the exhibit does not follow a certain theme and the paintings are displayed based on different art techniques and subjects.

This is the fourth edition of the exhibition. Hundreds of visitors from different countries were seen enjoying the artworks at Park Gallery since the beginning of the exhibition.

Visitors from different countries at Park Gallery on May 28th. Image Source: Facebook

One of the featured artists, Carpenter Eric Todd, wrote in his artists’ statement, “Under the tutelage of Sanjeet Maharjan for about three years, I started from the basics of shading and pencil sketches and then transitioned to charcoal and color mediums, including acrylic and watercolor. My experience during the process has been immensely fulfilling and I am hopeful that this exhibit will help me level up my artistic endeavors in future.”

Artists who participated in the exhibition said the expo is motivating them to love art more and are very happy to be a part of the event.

The exhibition was started on May 28, by the Dean of School of Arts of Kathmandu University, Dr. Sagar Raj Sharma.

If you are an artist or love artworks, then you must go and check out this art exhibition at Park Gallery in Pulchowk today. The exhibit will be concluding this evening.


Reference: The Kathmandu Post