1st NRN Global Knowledge Convention - Non-Resident Nepali Association. Image Source: Google

1st NRN Global Knowledge Convention | Non-Resident Nepali Association

1st NRN Global Knowledge Convention is starting today (12th of October, 2018). The convention is being organized by the Non-Resident Nepali Association, an organization of millions of Nepalese residing outside Nepal. It is an active partner of the Government of Nepal (GoN) and of Nepali people in advancing the country’s aspirations for socio-economic development.

Bhaban Bhatta, President of NRNA stated that “The three-day event, 1st NRN Global Knowledge Convention, intends to bring together Nepali expertise scattered around the world and discuss possible measures for Nepal’s growth, development, and prosperity.”

Kumar Panta, Vice-president of NRNA, said that the main intention behind the establishment of NRNA is to bring back to Nepal the capital earned by Nepalese in the foreign land.

“The convention will not only encourage NRNs to invest in Nepal but will also bring their expertise and knowledge to the country,” said Panta.

As per Panta, more than 350 NRNs and other international experts will participate in the convention.

The convention, which is divided into 19 sessions, will see 160 work papers presented by the experts. The event will have discussions and deliberations on policy hurdles for investment in Nepal and possible solutions.


Reference: The Himalayan Times