15th Fewa New Year Festival 2075.

15th Fewa New Year Festival 2075

15th Fewa New Year Festival 2075 is going to kick off on 11th of April, 2018 (28th of Chaitra 2074) at Komagane Park, Lakeside Pokhara. The festival will be organized by Paschimanchal Hotel Association Pokhara.

The festival, 15th Fewa New Year Festival 2075 will start from 11th of April 2018 (28th of Chaitra 2074) to 15th of April 2018 (2nd of Baisakh 2075).

According to Bikal Tulachan, Chairman of Paschimanchal Hotel Association Pokhara and coordinator of the event, 35 membered organizer committee has been formed for preparation. Association has also informed that the festival, 15th Fewa New Year Festival 2075, will be celebrated with the slogan/theme of “Let’s Save Fewa Lake”. About 0.1 million tourists have been expected during the festival.

Ganesh Raj Pahari, secretary of Paschimanchal Hotel Association Pokhara believed that the festival will give a significant boost to internal as well as external tourism sector that was affected by the earthquake, Indian economic blockade as well as fluctuating political scenario that is finally shaping to some stability.

The festival aims NPR. 5.6 million Income and NPR. 705,000 saving. Arna Beer is going to sponsor the festival that is being promoted by Nepal Tourism Board.

In a scene of increasing foreign influence in our lifestyle, this festival will help to celebrate our local new year in a grand fashion and spread a positive message of cultural conservation throughout the nation. Also, the festival will focus on the conservation of Fewa lake area that is suffering pollution and encroachment at the same time.

Aiming local and foreign spectators various programs will be organized in the festival. Varieties of cushion from 5-star hotels to local village around Pokhara. Cultural programs, children’s fun park, Nepali and continental dishes, pop concert, tourist race, boat race, trading stalls, comedians’ show, open dance competition, Ratauli songs and children parks are some of the major attractions of the festival.

Make sure to enjoy the 15th Fewa New Year Festival 2075.