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Tootle App: An Easy Way to Reach your Destination

Are you one of them who doesn’t like traveling in public transportation? But, renting a taxi on a daily basis is not that affordable. So, what should you do then? The easy solution to your problem is The Tootle App.

During the blockade, we carpooled and it was a neat experience. It was exciting to give and get a free ride. But now, carpooling has become a thing of the past. Traveling in the capital is not that easy and public transportations make it even worse. Thinking about the overcrowded buses and heavy traffic due to road expansion in several places, we’d rather just stay at home. So, to make things easier, here is another way to travel, tootling.

In case you haven’t noticed it already, there are many people around the valley enjoying the Tootle ride. So, what exactly is the Tootle app? Let’s talk about it in detail.

“Tootle makes it easy to connect you with people going your way.” Image Source: Tootle

What is Tootle App?

Tootle is a transportation app that is causing shockwaves in the transportation sector of the valley. You can also call it the Nepali version of Uber. It is an easy and cool way to get and give rides within the capital. There are basically two parts of Tootle; the one who needs ride and the one who provides the ride.  Since it is a service, it does charge money. But compared to the fare of taxies, it is much cheaper. Tootle rides can be booked only from 8 am to 8 pm. Tootle app is available on Google Play Store and as for the iOS users, they need to wait for a little while for it to be available in Apple Store.

Types of Tootle App

There are two different Tootle apps that can be found in Google Play Store: Tootle and Tootle Partner. If you just need to book rides, you should download the Tootle app. But, if you want to earn some extra cash by offering rides to other people, then you need to download the Tootle Partner app. Signing up in any of these apps is very simple. All you need to do is fill up some details about you and you will be good to go. However, of you are willing to become a Tootle Partner, you need to upload a photo of your driving license too.

How does Tootle Work?

As for the ride takers, once you have signed up to the app, all you need to do is pick your location and destination. The app will automatically draw a route and show you the available drivers nearby. The bikers heading towards your destination will call and pick you up at your location. And, after you reach your destination, you will have to pay the bikers from your wallet or from the Tootle balance.

The app also has a cancel feature in case you change your mind. Each ride will have a unique rider code which you will have to give to your biker once you reach your destination.

As for the bikers, you will need to download the Tootle Partner app and sign up. You will have to accept the client first before giving him/her a ride. You will be paid through cash or Tootle balance after you drop them to their destination.

A Tootle User and Tootle Partner will get a free Tootle balance of Rs. 500 and Rs. 200 respectively for every signup.

How Much Does Tootle Cost?

The fare is affordable. It charges you Rs.50 for the first 3 KM you travel and it will costs you Rs.12 per additional kilometer you travel. 20 percent of this fare goes to the company and rest of the payment goes to the Tootle Partner.

It is an excellent service to everyone inside the valley. I believe Tootle will do a great business and have many happy clients in short period of time. However, one big risk about using the app is that you would not know much about the person who comes to give you the ride. Other than this, Tootle is a great concept and a great help to everyone. The tootle team is working on solving the risk by testing the riders’ skills and asking for the customers’ feedback as soon as they have reached their destination.

What do you guys think about the new tootling concept? Let us know your thoughts through the comments section.

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