Application Forms for Driving License Goes Online in Nepal

One of the most discouraging factors when it comes to applying for a driving license in Nepal is the thought of long queue of people. More than the leveled up written and trial tests, the seemingly never-ending line of people deters many.

Rejoice, aspiring license holders. The Department of Transport Management (DoTM) has launched online application submission system for driving license. This system became effective since yesterday, December 26 (Poush 11).

People lining to submit forms in Ekantakuna

People lining up at Transport Management Office, Ekantakuna. Image Credit: Nagarik News

Minister for Physical Infrastructure and Transport, Ramesh Lekhak, inaugurated the much-awaited (and also the much-needed) online application system at the Transport Management Office in Ekantakuna, Lalitpur.

During a program organized in Kathmandu on Sunday, Minister Lekhak had said, “I am scheduled to inaugurate the first-of-its-kind online system at 3:00 PM and the TMO will start receiving and processing driving license applications submitted online from the next day.”

He hopes that with the introduction of the online system, citizens will no longer have to wait in long queues at the TMO and also bring about transparency in the issuance of driving license. “It is also a stepping stone towards making government offices paperless,” said Minister Lekhak.

As of now, this service is only available for Nepali denizens who wish to get their driving license for two-wheelers. Furthermore, this system is only underway in the TMO in Ekantakuna and only 500 applications per day will be processed. The government plans to expand the service throughout the country very soon.

Update: The Department of Transport Management is going to open online forms for four-wheelers from the coming month i.e. on the first week of Magh. According to DoTM, only 200 applications will be processed per day for four-wheelers.

How to Submit the Application Form for Driving License Online?
First step to Online Driving license Form

Online Form for Driving license in Nepal.

Applicants can visit the official website of DoTM.  After there, click on the ‘Online Driving License Form’ link to download the form and submit it online. For every submitted document, the applicant will receive a document. That document is to be printed. Do those correctly, you are good to go for the license exams. You can check this PDF file for the step-by-step guide to filling the form.