First City Bus Service of Nepal

To Make Lives Convenient, First Ever City Bus Service of Nepal Launched

Bharatpur Sub-Metropolitan City has welcomed the first ever city bus service of Nepal. This revolutionary service has been started by Global Metro Bus Pvt. Ltd., and will be operating within the sub-metropolitan city and Bijay Chowk in Gaidakot. The president of Global Metro Bus Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Badri Adhikari declared that twenty-five 26-seater buses will operate in the beginning phase of this plan. These buses will be imported from TATA. The buses are stated to be ultra-modern and full of amenities like CC cameras, wi-fi, mobile charging ports and LED displays for advertisements of local products.

25 local businessmen came together for the registration of the company. Routes are currently being determined and these buses will run accordingly. As per the officials, the total investment for the import is NRs. 870 million. The bus drivers and conductors are being trained by the traffic police inspectors and sub-inspectors. All of the drivers will be females. These buses will begin operating from Mangshir 19 (December 4).

The Central Bus Terminal, Bharatpur and Pokhara Bus Park, Narayangadh will serve as the center points for the buses.

Passengers who pay NRs. 900 per month can enjoy rides all month long. Adhikari also added that the elderly people are entitled to a free ride upon showing their “Jestha Nagarik” IDs.

Reference: Recent Nepal