Bhadracharya Utsav Starts Today in Lumbini. Image Source: Google

Bhadracharya Utsav Starts Today in Lumbini

Bhadracharya Utsav kicked off today in the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, Lumbini. The Utsav is being organized by Bhadracharya Monlam Foundation for world peace and welfare of the entire living beings.

Bhikshus and Lamas from different nations, including Nepal, have arrived at Lumbini to participate in the Bhadracharya Utsav. Dhungse Abhikrrit Bajra Rimpochhe, who is respected as a great religious leader in the Shakya sect, will be there to grace the five-day event.

“Bhadracharya Utsav will be marked especially by Sambandha Bhadra and Manjushree prayers, recitation of hymns wishing for removal of earthly sorrows, meditation sessions, among others”, stated Nima Lama, member of the Bhadracharya Monlam Foundation.

The Monlam (world peace) pooja that is observed by the Shakyapa sect of the Himalaya Buddhist community is considered the largest worship ceremony within the community. According to the Foundation, the festival has been organized on the premises of the Shakya Monastery behind Mayadevi Temple.

Among four sects in the Himalaya Buddhist community, Gelukpa, Dinggapa, and Kagyuppa perform the peace pooja in India and it is only the Shakya sect that observes the event in Lumbini, Nepal.


Reference: The Himalayan Times