What Is More Important? Sleep or Exercise?

What Is More Important? Sleep or Exercise?

We all know that getting enough sleep and getting enough exercise are both essential for good health. But when we are short on time or feeling tired, is it good for us to wake up early and hit the gym? Our answer probably will be a ‘no’. After all, who doesn’t love to sleep; stay in bed for an extra hour? But the answer isn’t clear. So, which is more important, sleep or exercise? What is best, skipping your workout, or losing that hour of sleep?

Many of us occasionally wake up feeling dazed and thinking about what to do the whole day. If you’re only a little more tired than usual, it’s probably a good idea to just get up and work out. An occasional night of bad sleep won’t kill you, and getting a good workout can mean better sleep that night. But since it’s so easy to get into the habit of hitting the snooze button instead of exercising, it’s better to save the sleeping-in card for extreme situations only.

Many experts recommend that an adult should get 7-9 hours of sleep every night. Even if you aren’t sleeping the standard eight hours but still feel rested and energized, there’s no reason to skip your workout in favor of more snooze time. It’s better to hit the gym. But, when you don’t quite feel good or feel sleepy, think about taking a walk. Exposure to bright morning light suppresses the sleep hormone melatonin, so you’ll feel more energized than feeling sleepy.

Working out early in the morning helps you to sleep more soundly in the night time. It is a good idea to exercise on mornings but in cases where you’re seriously zonked (extremely fatigued), it’s probably better to let yourself to take a nap. If you work out in that state, you’d slack off on your workout, and you’ll end up feeling weaker, grumpier and even more spaced out than before.

For the solution of thinking whether what is good for you, sleep or exercise, take a look at your habits and schedule to figure out where you can make some healthy changes. Tired mornings can be a sign for you to make an earlier bedtime change. With that change, you can wake up early in a fresh and energized mood and can work out for a healthy and energized day.

Experts agree that 20 or 30 minutes workouts are as effective as the longer, slower-paced, heavy workouts. So, instead of snoozing the alarm button, workout for a short amount of time so it makes your day thrilled and fun.

Sleep or exercise? Both sleeping and exercising play a vital role in our daily life. Getting enough sleep can help to obtain healthy day and exercising can help us to stay fit. Make sure to get enough sleep and workout.