Smart Dustbin to be placed in Kathmandu Valley. Image Source: Ideation Engine

Smart Dustbin to be placed in Kathmandu Valley

In association with Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC), a private company named Shree Krishna Suppliers Pvt. Ltd started placing Smart Dustbin at 70 different locations in the Kathmandu Valley. The company started installing the dustbins costing NPR. 6, 00,000 around the busy places in the valley.

Even with a high demand for placing the Smart Dustbins at 200 places by the local people, preparations are underway to place the Smart Dustbins at a few locations of Kathmandu and Lalitpur in the very first phase.

The dustbin is a common and a basic need everywhere. It is observed that often the garbage gets accumulated due to irregular removal of garbage present in the dustbin. With that in mind, the company started to place smart dustbins in the Kathmandu Valley. The dustbin is designed to compress the garbage periodically thus preventing the unnecessary occupying of dustbin’s space by light weighted but space occupying garbage particles.

Bad waste management can easily result in air pollution and soil contamination. They have an adverse effect on human health.

Smart dustbins can be helpful to reduce human effort to make waste management more efficient. Automation is the most demandable feature now a day. For this purpose the dustbins are a much suitable approach. It will be helpful to develop a green and smart city.

“Smart Dustbins will be kept at all the 70 designated spots within the next week in the first phase”, stated the company’s director, Shailesh Kunwar.

Meanwhile, smart dustbins have been kept at Maitighar Mandala, Bijuli Bazaar, Baneshwar, Koteshwar, Gaushala, Chabahil among other places.