Prestige Talks | A Monthly Talk Show. Image Source: Facebook

Prestige Talks | A Monthly Talk Show

Prestige Talks, a monthly talk show is a platform to speak about one’s story and spread inspiration to the youths. The show, Prestige Talks is set to be held from the 8th to the 9th of December, 2017. The show will begin at 11 A.M.

Prestige Talks is organized by ESOS Global. ESOS Global has successfully organized 5 episodes of the show in Nepal. About 11 speakers have spoken on this show.

The talk show is about the story of people striving, struggling, and succeeding in their life. This show is a platform for many people to share their story and spread inspiration.

This is the sixth episode of the show. In this episode, the speakers will be Ms. Sunita Pathak and Mr. Chiran Poudel. Sunita Pathak is the founder of the company VOYAY Travels Nepal.

Sunita Pathak being in a long-term job for 15 years to being an Entrepreneur is mesmerizing and amazing. Be there to hear about the hurdles, social obstacles Sunita Pathak faced to be an entrepreneur.

Mr. Chiran Poudel is a CEO of one of the finest startup and chain massage centers Seeing Hands in Nepal. Being unable to see or lacking the sense of sight, Mr. Poudel is a great inspiration. He is a successful CEO of the chain massage centers and is very famous in Nepal amongst the locals and foreigners.

Prestige Talks –Episode Six

Date: 8th December to 9th December 2017

Time: 11 A.M onwards

Venue: Little Angels’ College

Tickets: FREE!

For more details about the event, check out the official event page on Facebook.

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