A Newly Launced Web Platform – “Contentder”

Braindigit, a national tech company which was established in 2008 has launched its latest product called “Contentder”. Contentder is a user-friendly website development platform that can be used by everyone, including the non-experts in web development sector.

The Braindigit Company is actually looking forward to standing out among all the other web platforms and it claims to be the only cloud-based website development platform across the country. The newly launched product, Contentder is aiming to provide a user-friendly interface that is easy to understand.

According to a press release, regardless of the technical knowledge on web development, Contentder allows users to easily create and modify a fully functional website. Contentder has an assortment of unique and highly responsive templates along with ready-to-use components to ensure that users can get their website up and running in no time. The company has also implemented security options to keep the user-made sites with its data safe and secure.

The newly launched platform is targeting people with little to no coding knowledge, however, even the experienced coders can use the platform as well.

Mr. Alok Pandey, CTO of Contentder said, “At Contentder, an entire section has been presented for developers and designers where they can contribute their components and templates to become an influential part of our family.”

The new web platform also comes with inbuilt marketing features like Social Media Management, SEO tools, and other digital marketing services. These tools are expected to help the users to get hold of trending topics, feeds, comments and similar notifications from various social media platforms.

The CEO of the company, Mr. Nischal Pradhan said, “Contentder was built with a vision to induce the effortless website building that looks professional and beautiful.”

Have you tried Contentder yet? What do you guys think about this newly launched web development platform? Let us know through the comments.


Source: The Kathmandu Post