Programiz: A Nepali-initiated Website Helping Millions with Programming

This post is going to be a bit different from what we normally publish in NepalBuzz. It is a “shout-out” to an amazing website by a visionary Nepali that has been helping millions of students learn programming all over the world. The name of the website is Programiz.

While I was looking to write about something that has been causing buzz in Nepal, I came across an article by Republica about this website. After I was done reading, I wanted to feature Programiz. There are a couple of reasons as to why I felt the need to do so. First is the utilitarian nature of Programiz. According to the website, 1.5 million users rely on Programiz on a monthly basis to learn programming, leveraging its simple and clear resources. The other reason being the mere fact that it was created by a Nepali; a matter of pride for us all. It’s not every day that a Nepali-conceived idea makes international waves. I was unknown of this wonderful website until I came across Republica’s article and so I wanted to further promote it.

Programiz is a free programming tutorial website aimed at beginners. It offers tutorials on four programming languages: C, C++, Python and R. Started in late 2011, it has now become of the most popular programming blogs in the world. The consisting tutorials are very simple to read, understand and emulate.

Programiz: 4 programming languages

Tutorials for 4 Programming Languages: C, C++. Python and R

Programiz was created by Ranjit Bhatta, a digital marketing professional with experience in technical writing and other various aspects of web development, during his college years. While he was pursuing his Master’s in Electronics Engineering at Pulchowk Campus, he found that there were limited resources online when it came to tutorials on C and C++. He had a hard time finding information that was clear-cut and graspable. And that motivated him to start writing tutorials on C and C++ and sharing them under the domain name ‘’. As the website slowly started gaining traction on the World Wide Web, he added tutorials on R and Python.

Today, Programiz has grown to become a go-to resource for many students learning programming languages around the world. What started as a small hobby from Ranjit’s bedroom has now transformed into a full-fledged business with two partners – Aswin Shrestha and Punit Jajodia – and a small team of passionate developers working to make Programiz a reliable and accessible source of programming knowledge. The team is growing and aims to implement a lot of new ideas, including text and video lessons on algorithms and Java.

I’m assured that Nepali computer engineers and enthusiasts will find Programiz very beneficial. Also, during his interview with Republica, he addressed the issue of brain drain in the country. He said that the software companies are facing an acute shortage of mid-level and senior developers and that they are willing to a king’s ransom for the right skills. I believe Ranjit’s exemplary venture can act as a motivating factor to the youth of Nepal to work for the betterment of the technological sector in the country rather than finding solace abroad.

Please show your support for Programiz by spreading the word. You can read the full article published in Republica by clicking here.

Have you heard of Programiz before? Have you personally benefitted from the website? Please share your experiences and thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. It is nice to see such a cool programming website budding in nepal. It is s sign that soon nepal is going to be a technology hub.

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