Electric Automobiles in Nepal

Do you know about the electric automobiles in Nepal? It has been less than a decade that it entered Nepal. The electric vehicle market is growing faster here than you might realize.  People nowadays are educated and smart so they like to use an electric vehicle instead of spending their money on gasoline and also we want to be eco-friendly.

Electric Automobiles range from bicycles, motorbikes to buses, cars and even trains. However, not all are in our country Nepal. Nevertheless, we do have electric motorbikes and electric cars. Electric Automobiles have made our life much easier than it ever could be. Remember the blockade last year? We would not have had so many problems if we all had used electric automobiles.

Electric Scooter.

Electric Scooter.


Some of the efficiencies of Electric Automobiles include:

  • Savings and low maintenance cost

Electric automobiles are cheaper in the long run in comparison to the petroleum vehicles. You can get the best electric vehicles at favourable prices. Electric automobiles require almost none of the maintenance costs like oil changes and servicing. It doesn’t have cooling problems like other vehicles as well.

  • Reduce oil dependency

Electric vehicles are powered by an electric motor instead of a gasoline engine which reduces our dependency on oil. It can be recharged by common household electricity. And it doesn’t even take much wattage.

  •  Eco-friendly

They are environment-friendly vehicles. Electric Automobiles are almost silent, so they wouldn’t create noise pollution. It doesn’t produce tailpipe pollution either. Electric automobiles are very suitable for Kathmandu roads that are narrow and are being polluted by petroleum vehicles.

  • Easy charging

Why worry about going to the gas station to refuel your vehicle? You can charge it at home. 5 hours charge time at night, and that’s it. You are good to go on the next morning.

  • Best Suited For City Dwellers

The electric vehicle is known to have faster acceleration but shorter distance range than conventional engines.  They are also used in the markets inside the city centers for the delivery and maintenance of packages. Electric automobile is beneficial for city dwellers in terms of costs, environmental impacts and ease of transport.

Image Credit: gaycarboys-com

Electric Car. Image Credit: gaycarboys-com

Electric Automobiles are easy to use, safe to drive, low priced and most importantly, it saves our precious environment. It is high time that you upgrade from petrol and diesel car and adopt the future vehicle. So why not try one?

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